Clowns vs. Adults

by emneville

This is all I have to say about the Presidential election of 2016. It was clowns vs. grownups. Clearly, the clowns won. What does that say about America, however? Well, you need only view the good old USA’s world ranking in education to see a significant part of the problem. The main reason why we the Americans have turned the White House into a Barnum and Bailey cable TV special, however, is really even simpler. America hates women.


Think about it. Donald Trump has insulted women on his road to the White House with the fervor normally reserved for those religious zealots that worship Jesus by dancing with poisonous snakes. He’s groped women’s vaginas with his tiny hands. He’s cornered women like a crack head rinses residue from a crack pipe. He’s said horrific, disparaging things about women, and lets not forget his creepy, sickening sexual obsession with his daughter Ivanka. If he hasn’t nailed her already, he’s sure to pull a Lewinski with her in the White House.


I saw a pre-election interview on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” where a Pennsylvania couple spoke with correspondent Jordan Klepper. They were White, and the wife was lithe and wispy whereas the husband looked as if he’d never met a beer he didn’t covet and consume. Anyway, the woman was fierce about her hatred for Hillary Clinton, and her love for Trump. She couldn’t explain why. Education.


I’ve never been ashamed to be an American. That has changed drastically.