A Lie Is A Life

by emneville

I have to say that I love fireworks. That being said, I have to say that I don’t love the two elements of that single word, “Fire” and “Works”. Fire can keep you warm, and help you cook food. Fire, however, can also peel off your skin, and also poison the air around you and asphyxiate you. Work? I’ve done it most of my adult life, and I can’t think of a single job I ever really liked.


I mean absolutely no disrespect to my disabled Americans, but Donald Trump is like blind people at a fireworks show. The pretty colors virtually don’t exist, but there’s enough explosiveness to make a dung beetle puke.


Listen, politicians, defense lawyers, and every television personality at Fox News lies, but when we need liars to save our own skins they become virtual demigods. Ask OJ? Hell, ask any Trump supporter that isn’t already voting from an insane asylum.


Does Hillary lie? Absolutely. Is Bill Clinton doing everything in his power to sabotage Hillary’s presidential dreams? That’s as clear as the film that covers a crocodile’s eyes when they’re underwater. Hell, I’ve called off sick from work because I wanted to spend the day masturbating to soft-core porn.


Emails? Really? It sounds like grandma’ just can’t figure out how email works. That’s a far cry from building walls, imagined or otherwise, to keep immigrants out of America. I’m sure FBI Director James Comey will get a 1000-page fireworks book out of this.