A Man In Trouble

by emneville

I need to get this over with now. I’ve been out of any loop for over six months now. I wanted to post this story via YouTube video, but the lighting is tough here, and I hate watching the computer light reflecting from the lenses of my eyeglasses. No matter how big I make the font, viewing is blurry at best. On January 11, 2016, I totaled my very much-loved 1993 Honda Accord while on my way to work. I lost my car. My employer, Amazon.com, turned down my request for emergency 15-day leave of absence, robbing me of the opportunity to scramble up a vehicle. I was involuntarily terminated the next day. I’d applied for that leave so that I could cover for the fact I had no paid or unpaid time I could use. Hell, it was January. Only Amazonians with no lives had significant time off. I lost my job. Unemployment sided with Amazon. I’m appealing through the courts now, but I’m not optimistic. I lost income. In short, in a matter of weeks, I lost everything. I won’t lie. Times got dark. I drank more than I ate or bathed, and every time I closed my eyes I saw multiple revolvers firing wildly into my left temple. That was odd because, well, I’m right-handed. Listen. It’s not a pity party here. I’m alive. Family members have come to my rescue, and I’m looking forward. I’m the master of my destiny. The journey started on 1/11/2016.