A Hard Time For Voters

by emneville

Man, times are hard for American voters. The candidates are so close that deciding who would be best at destroying the country is much like deciding between shoving one’s head up an elephant’s ass while he’s shitting, licking the slime off the underside of a slug the size of an elephant, or shoving one’s head into a running wood chipper. Let’s list.


Donald J Trump: I understand that the “J” stands for blustering Carnival barking con man. Listen Trump supporters: I won’t call you stupid, ignorant or crazy. I will, however, say that if you want America to crash land into the sun, keep doing what you’re doing.


Bernie Sanders: He’s a lot of fun. He’s smart, as well. I’ve said many times to many people that American democracy is nothing more than socialism with a clause that allows crooks, thieves, visionaries, and innovators to get filthy rich. I’m sure the democracy idea didn’t seem so bad back when the nation building was on the backs of African slaves.


Hillary Clinton: I know. She’s kind of cold and political-like. Women – especially Black women – seem to hate her. I don’t get it. Not only did she stand by her man through tough circumstances, she got universal healthcare introduced into congress. At that time, she was First Lady, not even an elected political official. Think about it.