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Month: October, 2013

Shutdown Shmutdown

Well, the government shutdown has ended – at least temporarily. Barack Obama sent the republicans who claim he’s the first born of Satan scampering into the night with their sphincter muscles dragging the ground. I really couldn’t tell there was a government shutdown, however. The agency in charge of removing federal taxes from my already meager paycheck was clearly still on duty.


I don’t know about you, but politics makes me feel as if the Crab Rangoon I just ate was actually Night Crawler Rangoon. Which is okay, I guess, if you’re a Largemouth Bass. It seems to me, however, that democracy, as we know it, is kicking and screaming into the sunset. Will it die altogether? Nah. There’s nothing viable to replace it. It just needs to evolve into something else – something that can more effectively weed out the liars, cheaters, and general lunatics that infect the blood of American life like drug addled hookers infect truck stops.


I recall back in about 2010 when I saw perennial Presidential candidate Michelle “I love slavery eyes” Bachmann claim that Obama was a one term President on TV as if that was something of which to be ashamed. I thought to myself: “As opposed to you, a zero term President”. I think you know what I’m saying. Politics doesn’t need a revolution. It needs an evolution.


Old Skool

There’s a disturbing trend among the young members of the African-American community. It’s a trend that can be quite detrimental to the older members of the community. In fact, to some of us, it can be quite devastating.

 I realize that much of the hip-hop generation wants to show respect to their elders that they don’t want to shoot to death. That’s a beautiful thing. But if you want to refer to me because you want me to get out of your way because I’m moving too slowly, just call me sir, or Mister. Please don’t call me OLD SCHOOL.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not ashamed that I’m careening mildly toward Social Security benefits. I’m proud of it. Given the lifestyle I’ve lived, I’m lucky to even be able to see it in my possible future. But what I despise is when strangers decide to call me old school as if they were referring to me as Pastor. I don’t need you to remind me that I’m older than everybody on EARTH.

Referring to an older person as Old School is respectful like referring to any woman as the equivalent of a female dog. Please stop. Stop today.

A neophyte crosses the sands

I’ve just taken another step to becoming a successful freelance writer. Too bad it took me so long. But there’s nothing I can do about that now. This is a test post, but I’ll be posting here on WordPress at least weekly, barring hip replacement surgery, or opening my snail mail box and being buried alive by mail from AARP.